A Romantic  Timber Frame Getaway

The Vision

Shadow Mountain Escape
Stone Engraving
Snowy Pond at SME

The Vision. . .

Shadow Mountain Escape

For a large part of our lives, we have benefitted in immeasurable ways from the example and inspiration of people and places across Europe. Many of those people were family, some friends, and some passing acquaintances. Many of those places were in medieval towns, ancient buildings, high in the mountains, or, along the Mediterranean.

We have always felt fortunate that our path in life has fallen along such wonderful people and places… leaving us enriched and passionate to pass it on. Shadow Mountain Escape, and the little example that is our life, is our best effort. We hope that in some little way it touches you for the better.

It is our aim to provide guests a unique and comfortable experience surrounded by traditional European “charm” for the purpose of creating an escape from the friction of daily life which effectively inspires couples to pursue personal happiness and achieve their personal best moments.


Shadow Mountain Escape Property Map