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Spring Top 10 Things To Do

 ​Our recommended Spring Top “Must Do’s”!

  • Drive along the Skyline Drive or take a hike on forested trails in the Shenandoah National Park and observe the spring blooms and new growth (recommend Little Devils Stairs in the springtime for fit day hikers). Walk the lush Big Meadows area of the National Park or hike to a peak like Mary’s Rock, Stony Man, or Hawksbill.  Hike our favorite 3.5 hr long ridgeline trail from Pinnacle Picnic area to Mary’s Rock and back.  After a good hike, enjoy a meal at the Shenandoah National Park’s Skyland or Big Meadows Lodge.
  • Visit Wisteria Farm and Vineyard, DuCard Vineyard, Sharp Rock, Rappahannock Cellars, Quièvremont Winery, Gadino Cellars, or Chester Gap Vineyard located on the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop.
  • While on the wine loop, also visit Copper Fox Whisky distillery in Sperryville, River Hill Distillery and Blue Shepherd Spirits in Luray, and Dida’s Distillery at Rappahannock Cellars for a remarkable spirits experience.
  • Have a picnic at the wineries while enjoying a lovely glass of Virginia wine in the scenic surroundings of the vineyards.
  • Check out the “new” craft brews and beer gardens at Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works in Sperryville and Hawksbill Brewing Company in Luray!
  • Hunt for morel mushrooms in poplar forests (focus efforts on the lower slopes of the mountains between mid – April and mid-May).
  • Get a wildflower identification book and take walks to search the many different spring blooms (pick your favorites and bring a small bouquet back to your cabin to admire).
  • Enjoy many spring festivals of the valley’s historic towns.
  • Canoe the Shenandoah River and relish the many sights and sounds of waterfowl and new blooms.
  • Tour the magnificent Luray Caverns and Luray Valley Museum in Luray.
  • Enjoy an evening of comfortable dining at one of the Shenandoah National Park’s scenic Lodges, the Mimslyn Inn, Gathering Grounds Café, The Valley Cork, Watch and Warrant, The Blue Door Kitchen, Dark Horse Pub, or other recommended eateries on the Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop (recommend checking for scheduled live music nights).
  • Visit the numerous diners in the valley and enjoy classic generous county breakfasts and lunches (recommend Hawksbill Diner in Stanley; Gathering Grounds, Ollie Cat, or West Main Market in Luray). 

For History Lovers – visit the valley’s many antique shops and museums (recommend Luray Caverns’ Luray Valley Museum, the New Market Battlefield and Museum, the Copper Fox Antique Warehouse in Sperryville, and the numerous small antique and collectables shops in Luray.

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