Social Distancing “Top Must Do’s!”

Plan a Romantic Getaway Soon!

Here are our recommended Social Distancing “Top Must Do’s”!

  1. Enter the authentic timber framed observation tower of the Bear Dance Lodge and enjoy a “journey through the world of ancient timber framing.” The guidebooks are in the “nose box” on the entry level and will thoughtfully carry you up the stairs through our personal photo exhibit of ancient European timber frames and related architectural features. Several traditional tools such as an original side axe are also on display. The tour ends under the beautiful timber framed roof. Bring a nice glass of Virginia red wine along so you can sit on the leather couch at the top of the tower and sip on it while enjoying the views.
  2. Stroll our 1/2-mile property nature trail and follow our 25 point “Rabbit Chase” self-guided tour along the mountain stream… a nice glass of chilled white wine will keep you from getting thirsty.
  3. Enjoy the crackling sound of an evening campfire around our self-serve SME campfire pit. All wood, fire starting materials, and Complimentary S’mores packages are provided for all guests.
  4. On a warm day, bring a low beach chair (or just pick a nice pool to sit in) and sit in our mountain stream for a bit of natural therapy… let the little fish nibble at your toes. While there, add to the “Rock Art” collection that our guests construct along the stream.
  5.  Enjoy a hike in the Shenandoah National Park or, for a less challenging adventure, walk the Hawksbill Greenway Park in Luray or around lake Arrowhead for beautiful views of Stony Man mountain.
  6. Bring your camera or smartphone and try your hand at nature photography. Shadow Mountain Escape provides endless opportunities for photographing wildlife, fauna, rocks, and a mountain stream. You may be surprised at the stunning pics you can share with your friends and family when you zoom in on a dragon fly or native fern.
  7. On your way to SME, grab some nice steaks and veggies and a fresh baguette so that you can enjoy a nice evening of fresh grilled food. Each cabin has a grill ready to go – all fuel provided.
  8. Bring a favorite book, or grab a book from our Observation Tower library then sit back, relax, and enjoy a good read while lounging on a leather couch or easing back on a deck chair in the fresh air.
  9. Visit wineries, breweries, or distilleries along the “Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop” for a delightful experience along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Call in advance to ensure operating hours and reservations (if required).
  10. Bring some snacks and your favorite beverage and relax in the mountain air under you deck umbrella, or in our stone courtyard next to the Gothic Tower.

Bonus Adventure: Check DiscoverShenandoah.com for seasonal experiences – Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop.

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