Virginia Green – Cabin of the Year!

Shadow Mountain Escape was recognized as a Virginia Green Leader at the 2011 VA-1 Tourism Summit and Cabin of the Year in 2014 and 2015!  This year – 2020 and every year since we continue to practice green practices!!!!!

Learn more about Virginia Green during your visit to Shadow Mountain Escape.

As a small business committed to community leadership in promoting environmentally-friendly practices in tourism, Shadow Mountain Escape passionately embraces Green initiatives through daily example by educating guests and our regional small business community on Green Practices.

Shadow Mountain Escape, borders the wildlife conservatory of the Shenandoah National Park. SME became one of Virginia’s first Virginia Green Lodging facilities in Page County. The business continues to proudly inspire other businesses and individuals in the county to embrace Green Practices and achieve Virginia Green Certification.

Of our numerous “green practices”, Shadow Mountain Escape’s most innovative project is the on-site recycling center.

SME Recycling Center

The recycling center is uniquely designed to prevent wildlife access while facilitating the most clean and effective organic trash management and recycling of glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and metals in a wilderness rich area.

Due to the recycling center’s orientation, volume capability, spring flap access doors, easy trash management configuration, and raised concrete slab floor, the center has effectively supported the bulk storage of waste while 100% successfully (without injury to animals) prevented all bear, raccoon, bird, and other animal efforts to assault the business’ trash.

More-so, in addition to 50-100 lbs. organic and other trash, the center continues to provide full recycling service to guests and management resulting in approximately 30 lbs. glass, 7 lbs. plastic, 7 lbs. aluminum, 15 lbs. cardboard, and 25 lbs. scrap metals being submitted to the county recycling station per week.

The bulk storage capacity of the station results in significant cost savings to the business.

We’ll be happy to share information about ways you can practice being green in your own home.