Romantic Lodging in the Shenandoah Valley


The mission of Shadow Mountain Escape is to provide couples a peaceful and relaxing escape from the stress and friction of daily life.

No children, no pets, no party groups are allowed on the property. It is only possible to book one couple (two people) per cabin. We strive to preserve a quiet, beautiful, and tranquil atmosphere for all our couples.

General Info

Please read and be aware of our policies before booking.

  • Minimum Stay:  There is a 2-night minimum stay requirement for all cabins.
  • Check-In: 3:00 PM or later – no exceptions (after 7pm, self-check-in)
  • Check-out: 11:00 A.M, or later if authorized by owner in advance
  • Deposit: A $250 deposit is requested to hold the reservation – payable via credit card -PayPal and applied to your balance
  • Balance: The balance is due upon arrival and payable by PayPal, check or cash
  • Bed Linens/Towels: One full set provided for no additional fee
  • Cabin Occupancy: Guests acknowledge SME is a Couple’s Escape – no children permitted. Only registered overnight guests are permitted on our property and in their appointed cabin. (Only two guests are authorized to be in a cabin unless approved in advance by the owner/operator).


A $85.00 service charge per room will be applied to all cancellations made prior to 10 days before arrival.

Cancellations received less than 10 days from arrival will be charged the entire reservation price unless we can rebook. If we can rebook the cabin after a short-term cancellation, the $85 service charge will be taken out of the initial deposit and the remaining deposit will be returned to the customer.  For our elopement package – once the ceremony date has been confirmed, the $250 deposit is non-refundable.


  • Internet: SME has internet and cell service via STARLINK.  All guests can access Wi-Fi for messaging, email checking, web searching, etc. Guests can stream movies/video using this free service.
  • Pets: Household pets are not permitted on the property or in the cabins. Service dogs are welcome. Please contact us in advance for disability accommodations.
  • Traffic and Parking: Speed limit on the property gravel drive is 5 MPH. Free parking is provided for all guests in front of their cabin. Parking or driving on any grass areas is strictly forbidden.
  • Campfires: Weather dependent, every Saturday night at dusk a (self-service) campfire is provided and available for all guests to enjoy. Upon special request and SME owner advanced approval, the SME campfire pit and wood is available each day (self-service) for guests to enjoy. SME management conducts a day-to-day fire condition assessment based on the changing weather conditions and the local fire department’s fire condition warning. For the sake of our vast wilderness and general safety, we ask that all our guests support our vigilance in promoting fire prevention and fire safely.
  • Fire Prevention and Smoking: There is no smoking or vaping permitted inside or near our cabins. Cigarette butts are not to be thrown on the ground and any other smoking related waste is to be properly extinguished and immediately disposed of after use. During County announced fire danger conditions campfires are prohibited – extreme caution is to be exercised when grilling and smoking. All ashes and used coals are to be disposed of in the marked metal bucket provided in the recycling center. Telephones for 911 calls and fire extinguishers are provided in each cabin for emergency purposes.
  • Quiet Time”: Between 9 pm and 10 am is designated “quiet time” on the property. The proprietors, employees and guests will cooperate to ensure a peaceful environment conducive to relaxation and sleeping.
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies: Toothpaste and hair care products are not provided (we do have basic supplies on hand upon request)
  • Water Sports: No swimming in the pond is permitted. Relaxing in or by the stream is recommended. Local swimming and fishing are best at Lake Arrowhead and the Shenandoah River. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Walmart and other local stores.
  • Wildlife: There is no fishing or hunting allowed on the property. A 1/2-mile nature trail is provided and guests are encouraged to walk freely on the property. Guests feeding or disturbing the wildlife and fauna is prohibited on the property.
  • Waste Management: All trash goes in the Shadow Mountain Escape recycling center. Guests are encouraged to recycle materials. All wastewater on the property is processed through septic systems – NO synthetic or non-biodegradable materials or chemicals are to be flushed into the septic system.
  • Weapons: No lethal weapons of any kind are permitted on the property without proper certification and the owners’ prior approval.
  • Climate Control: Unless approved by owners in advance, air conditioning thermostats in the cabins are not to be set below 72 degrees and heat control thermostats are not to be raised above 74 degrees. Unless temporarily utilized, cabin windows are only to be opened when the climate control systems are turned off. Gas fireplaces and wood stoves should be used thoughtfully only during cold seasons… gas systems must be turned off when guests depart the cabin. The wood stove in the Ladybug cabin should not be utilized if guests expect to depart cabin while in use.
  • Security: Although Shadow Mountain Escape is very safe and located in a relatively remote location, while on the property, guests assume responsibility for securing their valuable and personal items. Guests should lock entry doors whenever departing their cabin. Although priority is given to protecting the privacy of guests, the owners reserve the right of access to the cabins for maintenance and safety purposes.

SME COVID 19 Mitigation Policy

Shadow Mountain Escape (SME) continues to strive to make our guests’ stay as comfortable and safe as possible. During this COVID 19 Pandemic/Endemic we will respect and enforce the following policy.

Guests displaying obvious symptoms of sickness, or who have been diagnosed with active COVID 19 or any other contagious disease, should contact SME as soon as possible in advance of their date of reservation to reschedule or receive their deposit back ($85 late cancellation fee for sickness will still apply).

The owners of SME will demand that potentially contagious guests (those showing obvious symptoms of sickness) receive and provide a doctor’s clearance prior to being allowed on SME property.

Any guests who suspect they may have begun showing signs of contagion during their visit, should inform the owner(s) SME immediately for assistance in gaining proper medical support and to ensure proper spacing and de-sanitization are applied accordingly.

During the Pandemic/Endemic period, SME will incorporate the following:

  • Promote social spacing between all cabin guests and proprietors. In accordance with guest wishes, SME proprietors and other attendants will gladly remain distant from guests. As everyone has different concerns and expectations, we ask that guests candidly state their contact wishes prior to, or upon, arrival.
  • SME proprietors are fully vaccinated and will not come in close contact with guests if exhibiting any symptoms of sickness.
  • Guests will be required to only use their designated entry doors and not touch other cabin handrails or doorknobs.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided in each cabin – guests are asked to use it upon each entry and departure of their respective cabins.
  • Disinfectant wipes or sprays are provided in each cabin, guests are asked to wipe down surface areas and doorknobs before checking out.
  • SME will only use disinfectant-based cleaning agents such as Clorox or Lysol.
  • Although all money transfer methods are still conducted per guest wishes, guests will be urged to pay via PayPal to avoid any physical money transfers.

Seasonal Information


Spring and Summer

  • To prevent attracting insects – avoid using fragrant perfumes and washes, use insect repellent
  • Wear a hat and glasses and light weight long pants; socks and light weight hiking shoes with quality soles are recommended. A light rain jacket is recommended.
  • Check regularly for ticks and bug bites
  • Seek cooler and shady areas under sun umbrellas or tree canopy
  • Be aware of the native animals and reptiles – do not disturb or approach them. Walk away slowly and make noise if larger predators and encountered.
  • Use sunscreen and wear loose clothing as appropriate for the forecasted weather
  • Always wear water shoes when in local waters
  • Drink and carry water with you
  • All hiking trails in the area, and the nature trail on SME, are rocky. When hiking, use quality hiking shoes, a walking stick (provided on each cabin), and always bring water. When off the property, carry some snacks and a cell phone to call in case of emergencies.

Fall and Winter

  • Take measures to avoid exposure to cold weather fluctuations
  • Quality waterproof hiking boots with thick socks are recommended. Wearing full length pants and carrying a warm waterproof jacket is also recommended. Temperature dependent, consider wearing hat, gloves, and additional layers Avoid becoming damp or wet while outdoors
  • Exercise caution when around open fires and using the fireplace and woodstove
  • Be cautious when walking or driving in ice and snow conditions
  • Always ask the owners for help if not 100% sure of how to operate the gas fireplace or woodstoves
  • When hiking in cold weather, extra precautions should be taken. Use waterproof hiking boots and jacket. Bring extra food. Always use a hiking stick to avoid slipping on rocks.
  • During snow and ice, drives and roads are typically clear for travel by the mid-afternoon following a snow/ice weather event. Check weather reports each day during the Fall and Winter season and plan accordingly. SME gladly assists and accommodates guests during difficult weather.