Gothic Tower Sweepstakes

Gothic Tower at Shadow Mountain EscapeThe construction of Shadow Mountain Escape’s “Gothic Tower” (located in the stone courtyard of the authentic timber frame compound) proudly highlights two historically significant stone sculptures.

The sculptures are two faces sculpted out of solid granite – each weighing in excess of 700lbs. We have named them “Max” and “Moritz”… Moritz looks over the courtyard.

We feel very fortunate to have found the spectacular pieces in New Jersey at an architectural salvage business named “Recycling the Past.”

This company salvaged the historic stonework from a historical gothic revival building in Philadelphia which was destroyed in a fire in 2011. The magnificent building was designed by Lloyd Titus and built in 1903 as an inspiring school for working class youth in Philadelphia. It began it’s story on 7th and Lehigh Ave. as the “Northeast Manual Training School” and after 1957 was renamed “Thomas A. Edison High School.”

During the world wars of the early 20th century, the school produced thousands of skilled workers… mostly to meet the heavy demand of the foundries, factories and mills nearby in Philadelphia.

Gothic Tower at Shadow Mountain Escape

During the Vietnam War Thomas Edison High School produced the highest number of new recruits who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country… 66 of the school’s former students perished in the war… more than any other public school in the country.

By giving Max and Moritz a new and beautiful place to look out into the world, we honor those 66 American Warriors and all of those great Americans who graduated from Thomas Edison High School to make Philadelphia, and this country, stronger and better.

What we don’t know is who is the sculptor of the granite faces

Originally, there were seven granite faces over the main entry door and a few dozen sandstone gargoyles in the high towers of the building. The faces appear to be characteristic of northern European. We know that the Lloyd Titus spent time in Northern Europe. However, we don’t know if the sculptures were done in the U.S. or overseas. We don’t know if they were reclaimed or not.

What we ultimately want to know is who carved these wonderful faces out of granite?

Gothic Tower at Shadow Mountain Escape

Our Gothic Tower Sweepstakes Contest

The person who identifies the sculptor of our 2 wonderful faces will win:

NOTE:  Tell all your friends to help figure out this puzzle – the gift certificate is transferrable!  

  • A 2 night stay for 2 guests at Shadow Mountain Escape – any nights, anytime in one of our Timber Frame cabins – Bumblebee, Dragonfly, Butterfly or Ladybug
  • A welcome basket filled with homemade treats
  • Evening Prosecco Toast in our romantic stone courtyard with direct views of the gargoyles.

Know the answer? 

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