The Magical Timber Frame

Timber framing is a building process like no other, connecting us to our ancestors with old-world craftsmanship and taking us into the future with a building that lasts far beyond conventional wood construction. Timber frames are living structures, reminiscent of the majestic forests from which they are born. The tremendous character, unique textures, and endless detail of the timber-frame leaves little doubt as to its renewed popularity in the United States & around the world.”

The Artisan’s of Dreaming Creek Timber frame Homes, Inc. based in Powhatan, Virginia handcrafted our “Simply Charming” Timber Frame Cabins!

  • All of our structures are rare and authentic timber frames cut, engineered and erected by skilled artisans.
  • All of our timber frames are of white and red oak from Virginia.
  • The design and timber frame joinery has its roots in the castles and manner homes of medieval Europe.
  • Like a skeleton, the exposed oak frame and joinery that you see bears the full weight of the building. The massive timbers are exceptionally strong and stand for centuries.
  • Every timber frame grows a uniquely charming personality as the timbers routinely make popping sounds, split and bend a little, and develop a darker patina over time.

In 1994, we started to build our home (today sitting on Lot 1 ). After much research, we found several companies in Virginia who still practiced the nearly lost art of timber framing.

Following our concept and basic design, the timber framers detailed the design, completed the structural engineering, and cut and erected the frame. The “Ladybug” structure reflects the form of old country style homes in Bavaria, Germany and respects simplicity and the local materials indigenous to older farm homes in this area of the Blue Ridge.

Building by using Timber Frame construction proved to be quite a challenge. The Timber Framing Company only cuts and raises the frame. Given this, dozens of local contractors of all sorts from near and far were coordinated and synchronized to complete just the initial phase of the project.

The SME Bear Dance Lodge (Dragonfly + Bumblebee cabins) and Barn were built in 2002. We designed the structures to maximize guests’ privacy while preserving the views and surrounding woodlands.

The SME Bear Dance Lodge – comprised of the Dragonfly and Bumblebee “cabins” accepted the first guests in August 2002. The Butterfly loft was opened May 2003. The Ladybug cabin was finished in June 2011. The Lodge and barn sit on our 2nd 5 acre lot. The 3rd 5 acre lot will remain wooded without any structures to preserve the sense of space and protect the invaluable ecology surrounding Shadow Mountain Escape.

AND…the new extension has just been completed with a new stone courtyard and  garden house!  Our 2019 project was just completed – come see our Gothic Tower and our romantic sitting area!  Take our Journey into Timber Framing – see this link!